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Friday, 30 December 2011

My Favourite Things.

my favourite things
The quilt that we are working on in Chookyblue's stitch-a-long this coming year is from Anni Down's book, "Some Kind of Wonderful". The quilt itself is called "My Favourite Things". I say this coming year as though none of us have yet started. What I actually mean is I haven't really started. Most people started in October and tomorrow is our first deadline. *sigh* Already aggravating the Chook I think! I did get immersed in this quilt yesterday though and I am really looking forward to it. It is a thing of beauty and I have the opportunity to concentrate on and wallow in all my favourite things. The first block we are supposed to make is one of three patty cakes. (Cupcakes) Now, I am not a cake person. (Hard to believe when you see the size of me!) So I began to think about my favourite things and what might be a suitable replacement for three patty cakes. Then it came to me. I have three grandchildren! (Go here to see them doing awesomely great things!) I have to confess here. The patty cakes block reads "patty cakes and other delicious things". I immediately thought of my grandchildren when I read the "other delicious things". This is not because I have tried to eat them up, but because Miss 19 many years ago declared herself to be delicious in answer to the question, "Why do you suck your thumb?".

So I have spent today committing some sort of likeness of my grandchildren to applique. I am quite happy with the block so far. Not finished, but happy. A little more raw edged applique to go and then some drawing to make their faces come alive (I hope!) If it all turns pear-shaped tomorrow you can expect to see a patty cakes block here and me swearing black and blue that I love cake. The raw edged applique on my umbrella block is done, now just a little hand stitching to go. Miss 19 commented that now that I had immortalised the grandchildren I had better be planning to name her as one of my favourite things! I think this quilt may take some time to finish. Of course, it will be all the better for it. I think I'm going to like being wrapped in my favourite things!

Some finished blocks tomorrow I hope!


Sarah said...

Go Kris! You can do it!!!

Lorraine said...

I will be changing a few of the blocks I think.....but haven't even thought about starting it yet.....my sewing mojo is on holidays! Reading and jigsaw-ing mojo is well entrenched!

Cath said...

what a super idea! I hope we get to see the finished block.

Shay said...

What a brilliant idea! (Sadly I love cupcakes)

Im sure this quilt will be stunningly gorgeous when it's done. better get a wriggle on . You dont want to feel the sting of Chooky's whip!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Great idea to immortalise the grandies as a favourite thing...I'm changing a couple of things as well as I don't want a quilt called "My Favourite Things" with things that aren't so much favourite...I haven't stitched a block yet...lots and lots of preparation of the whole quilt going on but no actual stitching...but once that prep is done! Liking the 30s fabric umbrella..

Lotti said...

I can't wait to see the grandkids immortalised on the block. It sounds so nice and what a great idea.

Jantine said...

This is such a smart idea! I am really curious what it looks like!