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Thursday, 15 December 2011

I made books.

Handmade Books

With cartridge paper inside.
These were inspired by a book Miss 19 has. She is completely in love with her book. Hers looks handmade, so I thought I could make some myself too. They were a lot of fun to make and involved two of my favourite things, paper and fabric. I just love sewing through paper on my sewing machine! Not sure if it is the element of the forbidden that thrills me so much, or not. I must have a lot of rules and regulations in my head I think. Some that I don't even realise are there. One of them must read: "Never sew paper on your sewing machine". A few years ago I was reading through a Leanne Beasley book which had some paper and fabric sewn together in it. As I was admiring it I said to Mrs 27 that I would have to buy or designate a "paper" sewing machine. She just looked at me blankly and told me I could just use my machine, she does. What a bombshell! It took me ages to get my head around that concept. Now I sew paper on my machine as if it is nothing. (Just another of the many things I have learnt from my children.)


Lotti said...

I really like your books ... they are so nice.

Pip said...

I keep my old needles for when I sew paper, which is not often admittedly, but seeing your books I now have a hankering to have a go myself.

Shay said...

Kris these look brilliant. You'll have to show us how it's done. I want to make some !These would make great gifts for the girls at work .

picklesticks said...

Love your books! I need to make some more and am thinking pieced is the way to go.

Leanne said...

Your posts always make me smile.