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Friday, 23 December 2011

It's the summer holidays!

For those who don't know, we have homeschooled most of our kids. Some of them however like to go to school. Miss 14 is one of those school goers. Today we popped in to school to pick up her report card because today was officially the last day of school. (Goodbye year 10, hello year 11!) We also had an awards night this week. Miss 14 played with the band in the foyer and then during the night won the music award. She was pretty amazed to win an award. (The photo below shows her being amazed.)

Miss 14 gets her award
I forgot my camera and had to take this photo with my phone. I have been pretty forgetful lately. It will be Christmas in two days and I have actually finished all my Christmas shopping. (Wonders will never cease.) I'm pretty happy about that. I have been getting into the festive spirit by watching Christmas shows on iview. (catch up tv for the ABC) I loved some of the things Nigella made on her Christmas special so I am planning to do some cooking ala Nigella later today. If it turns out as pretty as Nigella's food I will definitely take a photo and show you. Off to the kitchen!!!


Lotti said...

Great to hear about the music award that's wonderful.. You're lucky, you've only just been forgetful lately ..... I've been forgetful for a long long time. I'm amazed a remember to get out of bed some days and go to work LOLOL

Pip said...

I forget things as well, love watching Nigella as well, she is very inspiring to watch, makes me want to rush off into the kitchen and start cooking immediately :)