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Friday, 16 December 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I love looking at everyone's Favourite Things Friday posts. They have cheered me up immensely today! So thank you for FTF Shay. (The infamous Mrs P. You can go here to see more FTF posts.) In fact, I was so touched by the posts that I have decided to do one of my own. My favourite thing today is my sewing room.

Here it is, just as I left it last night. A bit messy, but basically usable.
 I love this room. It is the "dining room" and is connected to the "formal lounge room". Of course, there's nothing much "formal" about my set up of these rooms. It's a pretty good sized room and is right next door to the kitchen too which means I am in the center of everything going on in our house. I like that. We can all hang out together while I am sewing!

My sewing machine area. "The hub".
 I love my sewing machine. My desk is a little messy here, but not too bad because I had a quick "putting away" session yesterday arvo. I finished off a couple of projects and put away all the paraphenalia to do with those projects. Well, most of it.

Our family computer.
 There is even a spot for a computer in here! Great for surfing those blogs (I'm sitting there writing this now!) or playing those dvds which I love to sew by. Right now I am having a "One Foot in the Grave"-athon. It was "Rumpole of the Bailey" earlier this week. It is also excellent for playing Minecraft, Runescape, The Sims, and for doing all sorts of computer animation. (That's what the kids do on it.) Certain kids also spend hours here looking at Lego and Magic the Gathering cards.

Spaces for other people to work along with me.
And there are spaces to have "guest" sewers! Recent guests have included picklesticks and various other children. So you see, it really is the best sewing room I have ever had. Oh. And if you are worried that there is very little stash storage here, it's ok. I have my stash in Ikea billy's (with doors) either side of the tv in the living room. I also have a table in there for additional guest sewers, and to cut out clothes.

I love this space! Even out the window is great because we have a creek behind the house. Right now I can hear kookaburras and cicadas. Is now the right time to tell you that we have to move in seven weeks time? *sigh* Just when you get everything good, someone wants you to move. (That would be our landlord. Anyone would think the house belonged to him!) And we have no idea where we will be moving to! It's a bit too soon to look yet, plus there is nothing suitable to rent at the moment. (I'll admit it. I looked!) So right now we are just going to enjoy this house while we can. I'm planning to sew non-stop for the next three or four weeks. Then I'll start packing.


thea said...

love your sewing room. I can't wait until I can have one of them.

Sarah said...

moving again... argh...

That room looks GREAT. Wish I had the space and ability to leave it all out... : O )

Lurline said...

Lots of goodies there!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Oh what a great room..lots of space and I would love to rummage in all those boxes :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

A sewing space is always are great favourite....here's to you finding a great space next time too. Happy stitching.

Sqquee said...

That's a nice looking room...I always wished I had a knitting studio or something.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I'll be a guest! Where are you? lol

I love that room and I'm with you on being the center of everything. When the hubs and I were searching for a house, I insisted on an office or room on the main floor to convert to my sewing room so I could work (I work from home), quilt and still be right there knowing what kids were doing, what dogs were up to, check on dinner, multi-task laundry, etc.

He finally stopped trying to stick me in the basement after I told him it meant he'd have to do more house chores.

anyway, I get it and love your space. Glad you decided to share.

Suzanne said...

What a great sewing room! How nice that you have room for guest sewers! I loved your description of looking out your window and being able to see the wildlife. Too bad you have to move. Of course, you never know if something great will come up.

Shay said...

Oh no! You have to move? That's no fun at all, especially since you just got you uber-cool sewing space sorted out.

I want a sewing space that big, because I'm outgrowing my little sewing room and I refuse to stop buying fabric. My solution was to buy bigger shelves!

Thank you for sharing this amazing space with us.

Marg said...

So sorry to hear you have to move. Fingers crossed you find something even better.
That's a great set up for your sewing room. I'd love to have a room that big. My sewing stuff is scattered around the house. Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

Michelle said...

Such a wonderful sewing room! And now you have to move? That really kind of sucks. But perhaps in the long run you'll find a place with an even better sewing room. :-)

Katie said...

your room looks awesome.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

My favorite part is that you were able to still remain in the middle of family life...good luck on your move. I hope you find something even better!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I like you sewing room too, what a shame you have to movesoon but I am sure you will claim a new sewing space and just think it's a good chance to rearrange your stash :-)

Amanda said...

Oh I am so behind in blog land. Just caught up with the fact you have to move, so hope you find a another lovely sewing room soon. Must get on to all those FTF's which is what I am supposed to be doing now. Have a lovely xmas if I don't get back here and I hope you are feeling better now. Sinus is the worst, I swear by salt spray and if it is really bad I do the salt irrigation thing (you get it from the chemist ...pretty gross) for a couple of days clears it right up and you don't have to go on antibiotics. Love your daughters sculpture too. See I have commented on all your block posts for the last few weeks.

Katherine said...

What a lovely sewing room, Kris! I love that you have a big window for lots of natural lighting. Just as I was enjoying your sewing room tour... I came to the part where you said you'll be moving again soon. OH,no! Between now and then, I hope you sew up a storm and I wish you best of luck in your housing search.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!