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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Banana cakes
Yesterday I did some baking. We wanted to give a few of the people who have been kind to us here in Melbourne a little something sweet for Christmas. In my head I had visions of gorgeous Christmassy cookies arrange beautifully on plates... hmm... But there were six bananas needing something done with them (either a trip to the bin, or to be made into cake) so I made a triple batch of banana cake. Quite often tripling a recipe makes it not quite so good, but this one was fine. (As the mother of eight children I have had much experience doubling and tripling (sometimes even quadrupling) recipes!) So, once I got over the visions of sugar plum fairies gorgeous cookies in my head, I knuckled down to rescuing the bananas!

White Chocolate Gingerbread Slice.
Then I decided to try something new. I think that the white chocolate gingerbread slice I made (double batch, in a roasting tin) was a little overcooked. The white chocolate was deliciously caramalised, but I don't think that was the effect the recipe writer had in mind. Nevertheless, it was proclaimed delicious by my boys and looked pretty good once I had dusted the top with icing sugar. We ended up filling six paper plates with sweet morsels  and my Bradley and I (along with the boys) went for a drive to drop the plates off. Everyone was suitably impressed and grateful (I did mention that they were the kindest people in Melbourne, didn't I?) and I think the boys really enjoyed giving the plates to our friends. (I was careful to save some for them too!) We also planned today what we will bake for our Christmas celebration. I think all the fun of baking is in the planning, the boys think it's all in the eating!


Lotti said...

Well I'm guessing the fun is in the whole thing .... planning and eating .. Everything sounds so delicious. Yummo !! All I've done is write a boring old essay, nothing so exciting as baking.

Anne said...

All this baking everyone is doing in blogland is making me really miss my oven - it decided to "die" a couple of weeks ago and we haven't got a new one yet, lol.

Deb said...

Kris, this is such a lovely kind gesture. I am sure that the recipients loved everything, it certainly looks yummy.

Lorraine said...

Yum......looking good! I have done more baking in the past week than I have done all year I think! It's been fun.