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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thursday night excitement.

I meant to post this yesterday (Friday), not sure what got in the way. The last couple of weeks have been full of clarinet playing, rehearsals and sound checks for Miss 14. She had the opportunity to play in the Eastern Region Youth Concert. For some reason it completely clashed with her exams, but she participated anyway and had a wonderful time. She played in the 88 strong Concert Band and they sounded great. She has never done anything like this before so it was a special experience. Oh. She is the one in the blue beret. What can I say? She's an individual. It was a fantastic night. There were over 700 people performing from 53 schools. Awesome.

This was interval and a bored Mr 10 and Mr 17. Lucky we have phones! We got home at 11:45pm and I was tired on Friday morning. Miss 14 however got herself up, readied herself for school and said goodbye to me on her way across the road to her ride for school. She did crash when she got home though. She was fast asleep by 6:30pm. (Well she had had two catchup exams that day.) So what was the final outcome? Miss 14 had a wonderful time, a new experience and developed a clarinet callous.


dutchcomfort said...

Wonderful story Kris! It]s wso nice when children learn to play an instrument!
I played the clarinet myself, but preferred the piano after some years.

Shay said...

It's good to be an individual and stamp your own personality on things.

Miss 14 sounds like a mover and shaker. Late night , makeup exams, she's one amazing chickadee!

Your boys look very handsome all gussied up. I guess that they'll hate that someone noticed that....

Lorraine said...

Miss 14 is certainly one busy girl....! sounds like Melbourne is her town!

Sarah said...

Way to go girl : o )

Louise said...

Well done to Miss 14. All her hard work and determination will be rewarded, and not just with a callous! x