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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sewing Result

I did get some sewing done today. This is a nightie for our new granddaughter. I also managed to finish crocheting the cardigan for the old granddaughter, but haven't started to put it together yet. I will have to get busy because Miss 24 is planning a drive to Adelaide soon and she can do a delivery for me!

This jumper is the work of Mrs 26 (picklesticks.) She is a wonderful knitter, but really dislikes sewing up her creations. So, the last time I was in Adelaide I grabbed a bunch to sew up and finish off for her. I'm not much on the knitting, but I quite like sewing knitting up! (Call me weird!) I think tomorrow will be another day of sewing here. I'm looking forward to it!


Katherine said...

What a sweet little nightie! Your certainly putting your new table into production, Kris.

Had to chuckle when I read that Mrs. 26 likes to knit, but doesn`t like sewing up her finished work, but that you like this part - sounds like you make a great team.
I feel the same way as Mrs. 26... maybe I`d knit more if I had someone to do the stitching up bit ;o)

Shay said...

Love the nightie and Picklesticks jumper is cute too. It looks like you had a very crafty day!

Lorraine said...

A finish....Yay...!! Love Picklesticks' little jumper..very cute!!...and you make a good team with one knitting and the other sewing up the finished articles....love the little collar on the jumper too.....!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I used to enjoy sewing knitting up for my mother, I suppose it's becuase you can see it finished quite quickly, I can't knit very well though.

Lotti said...

Very cute nightie for new granddaughter .... is she here yet or when does she arrive? Also love the jumper it's lovely, very pretty. Hey piclesticks must love love love you .... sewing up her knitting. What a big help.

picklesticks said...

The jumper looks so much better without all the ends hanging out. I do love having someone to do sewing up for me! Can't wait to see my yet unborn baby in that nightie!

Maree: said...

Lovely Nightie & Cute Little Jumper...sorry But I am with Mrs 26..I don't like the sewing up either..

Jantine said...

I think the nightie could serve as a dress too! I even called it a dress in my previous comment! I hadn't read your description yet ;-).