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Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Granddaughter's cardigan and some Mother's day musings.

Not that it would keep her very warm at the moment. It's a little sparse. For those regular, observant readers, yes! This is the same yarn and pattern I used for the new baby's cardigan. These two sisters will be "matchy matchy". I love that and so does their Mum (picklesticks) so it's all good! Crocheting this matchy matchy cardigan has made me think about my Mum and being a new Mum myself. Appropriate, because it's Mother's day this weekend.

An eon or two ago my Mum made matchy matchy outfits for me and picklesticks, and then for my oldest girls and then for the middle girls. It seems so very long ago now! My sister, brother and I grew up with Mum making most of our clothes. I loved it because I loved the clothes she made for me and also because I loved to sit and watch her create. I spent hours watching her sew. I remember the rooms her sewing desk was in with fondness. I also remember watching her knit for us. Mum's knitting seemed to herald winter for me. I love winter. (You can keep that disgusting HOT weather! I love the cooler months.) Just the word winter conjures up visions of a gas heater, rain on the windows, and my Mum knitting. I think that my Mother definitely had an effect on my own creating. However, if you didn't spend hours watching your Mum sew whilst growing up it doesn't mean you won't be able to sew! (Just watching doesn't do it. You have to practice, practice, practise!) I watched my Mum knit and I am not a knitter!

Which brings me back to the cardigan. I am a crocheter and I am really enjoying this pattern. It's from this cute as book which I picked up at Lincraft. Anyway, back to the making!


Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous Kris!! I love it!! I want one.... another little girl to dress in cutesy baby gear! (I don't really want another baby though, really!) I wonder if my baby boy would notice the girls clothes?! :)

Lorraine said...

cute cardy! I love winter too....winter conjures up memories of an open fire, football and knitting...Mum was the knitter...she made all our jumpers/socks/scarves...I am a wannabe knitter....so you are right...watching someone knit/sew doesn't mean you will be able to do it......!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Cooler weather is definitely nicer, especially when you have yards of fabric draped over you while sewing. From memory my mother did most of her sewing at night when we were asleep, she said she could get more done that way and no sticky fingers.

Shay said...

Cute cardy. My Mum was crafty too. She tried all sorts of things -candle making, pottery, string pictures , sewing , painting...

I like the idea of matchy matchy outfits for siblings. My Mum never did it with me and my sister because we were so different looking.

I am not a winter lover. Spring is my favourite time of year. It's already getting too cold for me at night.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Kris...hope you had a lovely Mother's Day...thank you for coming over to GJ stitch a long to see my progress...Dzintra