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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sewing update.

new stretch fabric

Well, I had all sorts of plans for this week, but so far none have come to fruition. Tonight I read a very interesting post by Shay here, in which she details a breakdown of the 168 hours she had last week and what she did with them. I wasn't even aware that there were 168 hours in a week. (Had to use the calculator to make sure that was the right number. And I thought the double maths I did in high school would never be of any use to me in my life!) But her post (funny and thought provoking all at the same time) has made me think. I have 168 hours a week! That's a lot! I might see if I can harness some of them for good.

So, there hasn't been a lot of sewing so far this week, but I have done plenty of other things. I have shopped for fabric and haberdashery which is essential and quite fun! Shopped for food. (It's strange I know, but my children really need to eat every day and expect food in the house.) I have taken my ten year old to a homeschool activity and homeschooled him as well. I have done my visiting teaching. (You can read about visiting teaching here if you'd like to know more.) I have transported my 14 year old to and from rehearsals for the concert she will be in next week. I have prepared food and cleaned the kitchen. (Isn't that a job that needs doing over and over again!) And transported my 24 year old to and from various medical professionals. That's pretty well done considering it's only Wednesday! Of course I have also slept, watched tv and spent time on the computer. I'm not denying those things, just not dwelling on them!!!

The next two days are earmarked for sewing and I have the opportunity to stay home! I love to stay home. It is a wonderful place! I hope your Thursday is as fun as mine will be!!!


Shay said...

I'm loving the green and pears fabric ....

I've got to say - my time and motion study was a cmplete eye opener. Who knew I slept so much! (or ate that many salt and vinegar chips but thats another blog post )

I hope you have a fabulous couple of days sewing!

Pip said...

Sewing for me on Thursday and a brief trip to the library, it all adds up, I dare not work out how much time I spend on the internet:)

Lorraine said...

Phew...I thought I was the only one who didn't know that there were 168 hours in a week (and yes....went straight to the calculator and checked...)Twins separated at birth! I love to stay home too....but alas my boss wouldn't think that paying me to stay home would be a good use of public funds! So the days I do get to stay home I do just that.....have been loving the feeling of shutting the door on the world on the weekends and hanging out at home.......well Sundays anyway! I loved Shay's post...who knew I spent 7 hours a week just walking!.....by the time I added up work / sleep there wasn't a lot of time left! Need to sleep less obviously! won't be doing a time and motion study anytime soon....haven't got time....LOLOL...Oh I crack myself up....!