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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Some questions whilst walking along the beach.

So, I am still going walking. It's been five days. Tonight we walked along the beach. How long does it take to get fit? Cause I'm kinda getting sick of the walking. No surprise there. I'm not very good at stick-to-itness. Guess that's why there are so many UFO's around here! I do have some pretty places to walk though, don't I?

As we walked along the beach tonight my Bradley and I talked about the upcoming summer holidays. We want to plan some fun things to do with the kids each week and maybe even a short break away. Where would you go? What would you do for fun? I seem to have no ideas. Of course, there are always theme parks. The problem with them though is that they are over 2,100 kms away. (I checked google maps to work that out. It claims we could drive there in a day. I don't think so! It has always taken us three days previously. Pretty sure they don't factor in sleeping or toilet breaks. Google maps also suggests that it would take us just 16 days to walk there. Pretty sure this is not including sleeping or toilet breaks either. Hmm... would 16 days be long enough to get fit? It's tempting! We would just have to walk 135 kms per day. Lol! As if! I could maybe ride my bike 135 kms per day. Nah! Probably not! Technology, so good for a laugh!) So, the theme parks are out. Got any other ideas?

The beach at the end of my street

River crossing between my house and the beach.


Lotti said...

Love these photos ... really really nice. I especially love the sunset, it's so pretty. I'd love to do some walking again, just don't get that much time these days. I'm working so many hours I just don't know where I would fit it in.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful photos! You seem to find wonderful museums and festivals for your family...have any you want to do again or for the first time? Try walking different routes or at different times of the day.

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

what beautiful photos! I feel ya with the walking. ugh, I so much prefer sitting in a chair and stitching. How many calories do you burn stitching? what if you are manic stitching? I could do that - 20 minutes of manic stitching every day - done! lol

Shay said...

So not a walker here either, and the idea of joining a gym gives me the willies.

I like Mary's idea of manic stitching. Im doing 15 minutes of manic sewing every morning before work at the moment and Im sure thats a valid weight loss tool.

What about theme weeks for the holidays? Water one week, (beach or river day ) arts and crafts (with a trip to the museum/art gallery and a few different crafts thrown in), book week (library and reading or write your own life book-you could do scrapbooking ), op shopping, nature week including a hike at one of the national parks and a picnic. It's too early for me to be more creative but you get the idea. Maybe these are lame ideas...if so Im blaming my current lack of caffeine.

Pip said...

Well done Kris, I keep thinking about going for a walk instead of actually doing it. I have no ideas whatsoever for you, I'm sorry. I do love that photo of the river crossing, one thing with the walks if you go somewhere different each day you can take a lot of photos.

Leanne said...

I kinda like walking like Pip says take your camera. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to walk to Qls though.