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Sunday, 14 November 2010

This weekend

I finished the table runner top (top photo) on Friday. So, all I had to do this weekend was quickly piece the back and quilt it. Ta da! Finished! But I didn't. I went shopping on Saturday morning, which is most unusual for me because I really don't like shopping! I don't like any kind of shopping, except maybe fabric shopping. (And there was definitely no fabric shopping!) Saturday afternoon I went to Mrs P's house and we did some free motion quilting together. (Oh. And for those of you wondering her reno is beautiful in real life! And neither she, nor Mr P, nor Miss P turned out to be axe murderers which was a most fortunate turn of events for me.) Today I thought I would piece the back for the table runner. I measured the top and set out to make some calculations to make sure I would have enough fabric for the back. (May I just state here, in my defence, that I did have a headache at the time. Pretty sure I did.) Then I sewed. (I love sewing!) When I finished I held it up and took a good look at it and realised that there was no way it was big enough! My runner back was 20 inches short. Arghhhhh! A better woman than me would have soldiered on and finished, but I gave up. So, the sum total of my weekend.
  1. Shopped
  2. Met Mrs P in real life
  3. Almost pieced a back for the table runner
Not that impressive for go-getter type bloggers, but pretty darn good for me! In fact, I am pretty happy with my accomplishments this weekend. I am even looking forward to next week's accomplishments!

Deep voice from off stage:

Tune in next time when Kris almost finishes her tablerunner, and takes a nap in the continuing story of superblogger!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Axe murdering is my Monday , Thursday and Friday job. Lucky you came on a Saturday.

I have been affected by cant-be-bothered-itis today as you can see from my riveting post, so I completely understand your "meh , I'll finish it someday " deal with the table runner ...

I'll tune in next week for the exciting finale. I hope there's drama !

Suzanne said...

Lol....you make me smile!

Mary said...

LOL. I recently had a day like that - I was making a little valance for my big kitchen window with directional fabric and I was cutting strips 15 inches wide ... zip zip zip. okay time to sew and ... I have lots of strips with the pattern going across the 15 inches instead of the length of fabric! I had a little temper tantrum... spoke in tongues at the top of my lungs risking eternal damnation ... and decided that my old curtains were just fine! LOL.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I was piecing a quilt back on Saturday, measured up, sewing away, not big enough, added on a bit more, still not big enough, so I left it. Will still be there waiting for next time. You had a great weekend anyway.