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Monday, 29 November 2010

Another day

Did some sewing today and not much else. One of those days. It is what it is! (Just read Loz's post here)

In other news, Mr 16 has learnt to juggle. Not all of my kids can juggle, but they all have some sort of circus skill. (Unicycle riding, stilt walking, tumbling...) It's important for them to have something to fall back on I think and we're planning for them to run off to the circus if all else fails. (Homeschooling humour here! Did you know that we have homeschooled all of our kids? We do have a wayward child who goes to school at the moment, but we can't all be perfect and we love her anyway! Every morning I try to coax her to stay home with me, but every morning she goes off to school. Her school friends don't understand her because they try to stay home from school whenever they can!) Mr 16 decided it was his time to juggle eight days ago and now he juggles. He had instruction from Miss 24 (another of my jugglers) and the internet! Times sure have changed. When Miss 24 decided it was her time (10 years ago) she went to circus school! The world sure does change fast! My Bradley and I were just discussing that this evening. We watched an ad for the new "Tron" movie and I marvelled at how I sat through the original "Tron" when we saw it together some 28 years ago. He was surprised because he thought I liked it. I explained that things were different then. Nobody had a wall of dvds at home that they could watch whenever they felt like it. Seeing a movie was not an everyday occurance! Besides, we were both poor students when we married 28 years ago and we had free tickets!!! Such a long time ago, but it seems just like yesterday!


Shay said...

Kris I saw the ad for Tron too and thought exactly the same thing. Amongst my eye rolling Mr. P told me he wanted to go see it...perhaps Mr. P is trying to relive his youth.

I cant juggle , or walk a tight rope. I cant do anything circus-y at all. It's great your kids have a circus skill, so that you know if they run away from home they have somewhere to run to...lol

I'd love to run away to the circus.

Lorraine said...

Mark is our only juggler...and he shows off his skills whenever he can.....nice that you have prepared the kids so well for running away.....must be really good at your house..none of them have run away yet have they? You can't call getting married and living with your spouse running away can you! I am back to work today so no fun stuff going on here....have a great day whatever you do!