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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Our Picnic

I forgot that I had actually remembered to take my camera with me on the picnic. (Wonders will never cease!) I couldn't resist posting them because I wanted to remember the lovely afternoon we had together.

Mr 8, Mrs 24, grandson and Mr 14 were on the rug. Grandson had his favourite toys with him. They follow a theme. "Babies". Babies just love babies!

In this photo you can see grandson with a mirror. He loves to look at himself. He loves to look at babies!

He spent quite a while playing with his uncles. He ate lunch. The uncles ran around. And then they all went to check out a glass house.

This shows the transition from favourite toy number one, to favourite toy number two. The doll. (A baby in fact!)


Mary said...

He is so sweet! Look at him sitting there all on his own. They grow too too fast. What a lovely day.

Jo-Anne said...

What an adorable little chubba-dubba. I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!
Looks like a fun day!

Sarah said...

Ohhhh he is such cutie!

Your diamond quilt is going great! I just have no patience to do diamonds. I know slacko me!

Lotti said...

Oh, you are so blessed to have such a beautiful grandson and nephew. He is such an amazing little man. Love the photos. He is so intrigued by all that is around him. He is so precious. How lucky he is to have all that love surrounding him!!

louise said...

Memories of happy times to be cherished. Lovely family photos. x