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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Easter is coming!

I was checking out the latest from Moda when I came across these lovely fabrics. My first thought was easter, my second birds in general. We went to the botanical gardens today. It was a beautiful day in the gardens. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds. Lovely shade and green, green grass. We ate lunch and then lounged around. Ducks came onto the grass near us, Mr 8 desperately wanted to chase them away. I encouraged him to be kind to the ducks who were in search of their lunch when a magpie swooped down and chased them away! Later we heard the magpie warbling high in the plane trees. What a beautiful song they sing. It's a song that reminds me of camping and hiking. Of my various homes as a child and the homes I have lived in as a grown up. I felt happy to just 'be' while I was listening to that magpie song.


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

That is very cool fabric. Would be great for applique!

Suzanne said...

What wonderful thoughts...and fabric! Thanks for sharing!

Pip said...

I like the blue one best, but the eggs stand out more on the cream colour. The gardens would be looking lovely now after the bit of rain we had.
take care

Levin said...

'waddle giggle gargle paddle poodle' the magpie shouts.
i've read this line so many times when reading that particular pamela allen book to the boys. i love their call = and like you, it reminds me of camping in the bush, cold mornings, earthy smells and being happy.
love the egg fabric.
your post makes me want to go to the gardens, and soon.

Lotti said...

These fabrics are really pretty. Love your description of the magpie's song. I remember as a kid walking to the primary school about 2 blocks from home. In the school yard were trees, then the oval then the school buildings. We had to walk past the trees to get to the school and in breeding season the maggies would attack us.....bit scary ...... we tried all kinds of tactics to scare them off.....but they would still swoop at our heads. But still I do love hearing their song....very lovely.

MissyMack said...

I love the sound of a Magpies warble! We have a few magpie families here were we live and it's wonderful to wake up to them warbling away.
Gorgeous fabric too by the way!

Jan Gartlan said...

The fabrics are gorgeous! I love anything to do with birds. I'll have to hunt that fabric down. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Leanne said...

Hi Kris, Just catching up you have been very busy. I love the aviary fabric I have just made a table runner with it. I am very naughty and feed about 7 magpies I love them hanging around and singing. I like your new shopping bag. I got some Ikea fabrics to make an apron. Have a good weekend.

Louise said...

I would frame this fabric. Just the colours for our sitting room. x

Unknown said...

What amazing fabric !
clares craftroom