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Friday, 20 March 2009

Those log cabins

I have been very busy of late. X-rays, doctor's appointments, dentist visits and seemingly being out all day every day. Everybody is fine, these are just the general visits that seem to be neccessary. Nevertheless, I have still managed to sew. (How could I not?) Just haven't had time to blog about it. These are the 'fresh' log cabins I have been working on. They are going to be a bag for me so it's a bit slow going. Spent last night making a tutu for Miss 16. She had sports day at school today. Years 12's colour was pink and they were encouraged to come dressed up. So, with pink as her colour what else would she wear but a tutu? With a pink t-shirt of course. She played volleyball, basketball, netball, soccer and theatre sports dressed in a tutu. Have to see if she has a photo of her in it. (I'm sure she will, what with cameras in mobile phones etc. Never before in the history of humankind have lives been so fully documented as they are now!) Miss 16 and Miss 12 go to school on the other side of town and we have been looking for a house to rent closer to school. (For about six months now!) Finding a house to fit us all in has been very difficult. And it takes so much time! So, we're still looking. (I have 'viewed' four houses, all at different times this week, all on the other side of town!) Hopefully we will find a house soon!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your log cabins are so bright and cheerful! Good luck with the househunting.

Lotti said...

This is so pretty, I absolutely love the colours....so bright and alive. Can't wait to see the finished product. And what's this about moving....does this mean I won't see you every week!!

corry said...

Lovely blocks, i love the bright colors...makes me feel a bit like summer!

joolzmac said...

Love the citrussy colours. Very tangy!

- Joolz :)