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Thursday, 4 October 2007

A New Camera & Thursdayness

Yesterday the love of my life came in to talk to me and declared that the moment had come. It was time to go purchase my very own camera. It was a terribly thrilling moment. So it was off to JB's to buy the camera. It was such a thrilling moment that I got all stressed and had to go look at JB's large and varied DVD collection to calm down whilst Brad bought the camera. (That was my story & I was sticking to it!!!!) Then we made our way to the car where we opened the box and extracted the new camera. It even came with batteries! Which Brad put into the camera and then I started snapping. By the time we got home I had taken over 100 photos. What can I say? It's a great camera!!! In the photo above you can see what the best DVD shop in Adelaide looks like!

This is the drive home. I snapped and snapped and snapped all the way home. When I downloaded the photos from my camera to the computer today I noticed how dull and dreary the drive home looked! I'm not sure whether that is due to my photography skills or whether I just live in the middle of drabdom. I've never really had a camera of my own before and haven't really had much experience taking photos. I guess I'll get better at it! Whilst on the way home we stopped for fuel. So I even have a photo of the fuel pumps!

Now, for my Thursdayness. Yesterday Picklesticks went and felted all day with some girls from her textile course. She was so excited by what she had learned that she wanted to come over today and show me what she had learned. She also wanted to come over to my place and spin. Not because I'm a spinner and she wanted to use my spinning wheel, but because there is no room in her tiny flat for her spinning wheel so it lives at my house. We invited one of our spinning friends over to join in, so while they spun I knitted. I'm knitting a scarf for my girl who is overseas in the cold! It was a most relaxing day. Knitting is terribly relaxing. Must go knit some more.

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Life's little stuff said...

Has Brad created something bigger than Ben Hur?
and will we be invited for a pic night ?
Sounds like lots of fun , even the fuel pumps look kinda colourful and pretty.
cheers Tina