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Monday, 22 October 2007

Proof that I'm getting old!

Here I am with proof! Blogger is working again so I'm providing the proof. This is my niece with her brand new husband. They were both so happy and a wonderful day was had by all. Just look at their faces! Remember how that felt? It was such a long time ago! Hence the feeling old. Enough being old!
It was a big weekend because Mr 6 turned 7 as well. His sister, Miss 17, made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yum. This is him blowing out his candles!
Also as promised a glimpse of the quilt Picklesticks and I are working on. It is the result of a party, calico, and a whole bunch of marking devices. We have a bunch of blocks that are this size and the next step is to put them together. I'll let you know how it goes!
Cool dragon, huh? I have also been working on clothes for my kids too. The top below was made from a pattern my Mum used for me in the 70's! I modified it somewhat because she was very taken with some tops she had seen in the shops and while they were similar to mine they were not exactly the same! My top was made out of light blue and white striped seerasucker. OH! I know that's not how you spell that! Doesn't it look awful, however, I'm too tired to look it up! Hers is made out of a mark-down from spotlight. I think I paid $6 for about 5 or 6 m of fabric on a roll. She is smaller than I was so I had to adjust the pattern for size too. She really likes it and wants me to make some more just like it!
I also made a nightie for her too. Both yesterday and Saturday were incredibly hot and Saturday night was very uncomfortable, so I decided to provide her with a cool comfy nightie! This was a kwik sew pattern that a friend had given me. It worked beautifully despite the fact that it was designed for stretch knits only and I used a woven fabric. In the original the front yoke was one piece. I made it be 2 with buttons and button holes, so she could get it over her head.
In fact it was so successful I am going to make another! I think I will put photos of the patterns I used here too so you can see my translation of the patterns! More sewing this week too. Practical sewing only - but I enjoy that too.

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Life's little stuff said...

You've got some way cool stuff there! I've almost finished a top and it looks crappy. Maybe I can fix it - who knows. But your stuff looks great. love the fact you're changing patterns . Striped blue & white Seersucker brings back memories- I loved it. : ) In fact i think I had some - somewhere still. lovin' all ya photos.