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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I've been knitting!!!

I was talking to a friend on the phone this morning. She had just been given some fleece to spin and said that she wasn't ready for it to be spring. She is busy making a rug and she wants it to be winter! I guess I'm feeling the same way, because I have been knitting! Perhaps this feeling is a backlash to the 31 degree celcius days the weather beaureu keep trying to pass off as spring (hey! it's got to be someone's fault!) or perhaps I've been reading too many northern hemisphere blogs waxing lyrical about the chill in the air! Whatever it is I have been knitting (and I'm not a knitter - which is something I'm going to have to stop saying if I do much more knitting!).

Maybe it's more to do with the fact that our local discount department stores are clearing out their yarn and now I can afford to buy some! I really love berets and have always been too scared to knit one. What was I scared about? To my great surprise it's just like knitting a beanie! Why didn't someone tell me this before? So, if you've ever longed to knit a beret, but were too afraid to start, rush right in and DO IT! Hey! I'm such a scardy-cat. This yarn is Carnival Fair Isle Effects from Big W. I bought some to try, but I don't think it works. It's definitely multi- coloured, but that's about it.

Of course this has not detered the many people in my house who love to appropriate the things I knit. "Why did you knit a beret in this weather Mum?" was quickly followed by "Can I have it?" and "What's Fair Isle anyway? Cool colours Mum." So this is a photo of Miss 15 wearing the first beret I produced. It's hers now.

I have also knitted a scarf. My eldest daughter is now a spinner. This is something that impresses me greatly. If you want to see some of her work go to picklesticks and have a look. She very kindly spun some brown fleece for me and I turned it into this scarf. I knitted the scarf on 8mm needles and did a garter stitch border with lattice in the centre (see the detail below).

I am still enjoying knitting and I'm working on another beret at the moment. When it gets too hot I might stop, but I'm just knitting small things so I don't think they will "make me hot" whilst knitting. Oh well, back to the knitting!


Life's little stuff said...

Love the Berets. The spun yarn looks fantastic! Love the lattice stitch.
Cheers Tina

Anonymous said...

That girl looks like the one who was on channel 10 news. The second I saw her I thought I'd seen her somewhere before. After scouring my favourite sites I found her here!!!! WOW.