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Saturday, 27 October 2007


I have been sewing and knitting this week but nothing is finished yet. I have also been painting. Rooms not pictures. But I'm not finished there either! It's been a slow week.

These are art works produced by Miss 10 and Mr 6. Paint, glue, paper, and canvas have been calling my name, but I have been ignoring them. Next week I think I'll answer their call.
I love to paint. I'm looking forward to next week. Hopefully I will finish something this weekend and spend next week painting!!!


Life's little stuff said...

how about painting a canvas for the room and don't paint the room?! Natural is good- right?
Lovely colours Mr 6 and Miss 10.

Kirsty said...

Mother of eight OMG!!!! I thought 4 was bad enough!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog Kris, but go go go thats sounds more like your life.

soz said...

you are so busy! I love the ikea showroom. My mr4nearly5 badly needed zebra pjs when he saw mr7's! Thanks - I think!