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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

"These are a few of our favourite things..."

(Another post about my new camera, but disguised slightly so that Tina doesn't think I'm photo-obsessed.)

One of the most interesting things about my new camera are the photos my youngest 2 have been taking! It gives you an interesting insight into what they are thinking. The photos in this post were all taken by Miss 10 and Mr 6. (I haven't included any of the 6 trillion I have of their feet - they were there I guess! - or the 15 zillion I have of a child and a camera in a mirror!)

Mr 6 loves marbles. He and Mr 13 spent a large portion of last week playing marbles. The marbles are kept in a box that someone older (I can't remember who) made for marbles some years ago. This cardboard portion fits into a larger box with other sections and smaller boxes. Things in our house tend to get passed on to younger children as the older ones develop new interests. (These marbles have probably been replaced by an MP3 player!)

This photo was taken by Miss 10. She loves her new red shoes. She is starting to grow up! A love of red shoes must be genetic because it's a love shared by my mother and by at least 2 other daughters.
Miss 10 has a new backpack. It's loved for it's colour and because we bought it as a new basketball bag for her. This week the new summer season starts and she can't wait!

I'm not sure which one of them took this photo, but this is one of my favourite things. I appreciate the fact that they understand what is important to me!

This is a photo of a sunset from our backyard. It's beautiful, isn't it? Mr 6 took this. It's interesting that he chose to photograph this. He told me that he was looking for beautiful things to photograph and knew he would find something outside. I think I need to spend more time outside looking for beautiful things! I hope you have a beautiful sunset at your house too!

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Life's little stuff said...

Could these be my lost marbles? LOL
Keep the photos comin' . Sometimes obsession
is good - right?
huggs Tina