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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rainbow Road

I have been working on one of my curves class projects today. The project is called Rainbow Road and you can see designer Rachel Hauser's original here. Rachel's runner is a bold beautiful thing. Mine is more sedate, and possibly not even my taste, but it is made with a charm square pack and a metre of fabric that I had in the cupboard. (I am trying to use up my stash this year. Not in a "measure it, don't buy anything else" kind of way. More in a "really I don't have any more space to store anything and I don't want to get rid of anything I just want to use it up" kind of way.) So, mine isn't as exciting as Rachel's. It also isn't a runner. I am planning to finish it off as a baby quilt for my do. Good Stitches group this month. March is a Blankets of Love month. You can go here for more info about Blankets of Love.

I like it. It was so easy to make. (It looks hard, doesn't it?) I have been putting it off because it looks so hard. Now I am excited to make my final project for curves class, Oodalolly, which uses the same construction method.
Bring. It. On.
I wonder what fabric I have in the cupboard that I could possibly use?


Lotti said...

I really like this .... love the muted colours. Another clever effort.

dutch sisters said...

It's lovely Kris and it look hard to make indeed!

Dolores said...


This is really sweet and perfect for the March theme.

I can't believe that you started after me and already have your top complete!! I know mine is bigger (43"x21") but I am so over it, I'm currently adding a few pieces to the edges to make it wider (it really needs to be 22" bound). I bought backing fabric today from Ikea so that's pushing me to get the top finished.

I couldn't possibly face making Oodalolly after this. I get so bored working on the same thing day after day.

Cath said...

I really like your colours Kris, especially for a baby quilt and it is a really interesting pattern.

Sarah said...

That is REALLY cool and yes looks super hard!

I like it... like it a lot!!! COlours and all.

Well done!

Sarah said...

much prefer yours...

Shay said...

Hushabye is one of my favourite fabric lines ever. Miss P has a quilt made out of it.

Sounds like you're having a ball doing this one !It's cute as a button.