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Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm pretty sure I don't even like okra!

I was really going to write a post last night, but the night got away from me! I guess it does when you spend an hour and a half talking to a daughter. It happens sometimes!

My Bradley and I popped in to Ikea last night to pick up another of these basket/drawer systems because I used the one we bought on Friday night in a different room! (May I just say here that auto correct thinks I mean "okra" every time I write "Ikea"! Auto correct has no clue! I have never even seen okra, let alone talked about it, whilst Ikea and I are like "Family"!) Today has been a lazy day. I have read a little and been to church, but not much else. I see this evening ending in much the same manner. Tune in tomorrow when I will have been incredibly productive! (I can dream!)


Lotti said...

Before I scrolled down to the writing under the photo..... I saw your baskets wrapped up in plastic and said to myself "this woman has been to Ikea" .... Why am I not surprised .... LOL .... everyone knows that Kristin loves Ikea.

Shay said...

You went to Ikea and you didnt invite me - the cheek of it all!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Another trip to IKEA...now I'm getting seriously jealous...