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Monday, 26 March 2012

A new week...

Melbourne, somewhere. (I have no idea!)
Who doesn't love a new week? Oh, hang on. Heaps of people I guess (if the success of the song "I don't like Mondays" is anything to go by!). My Monday is fast disappearing (how does that happen?) with very little done, but I am excited by this new week. I woke up today thinking that anything could happen. The boys and I went for a walk which was lots of fun and now I am tidying my sewing room. It really needs doing. My sewing room was "almost" completely set up when we moved seven weeks ago. Almost, but not quite, and I just needed to sew, so I did. But now my sewing room needs to be finished off. My living room which is attached to my sewing room is almost completely set up now too so I just need to expend a little more energy to get it all finished. Then I am going to sew curtains, cushion covers and other room prettying-up things. And put pictures on the wall. It will be so much fun!


Lotti said...

Sounds like you have lots to do to keep you busy. Always something to do so they say. Love your photo. Melbourne ... I'm there at the moment .... heading home tomorrow afternoon. Went to Ballarat for the w/end with my siblings and then got to Melbourne on Sunday evening. When you've lived in Adelaide for a while, you don't realise what a hectic pace Melbournites go at ... especially in the city. But I've had a good time here.

Shay said...

I like Mondays when it’s a public holiday . Other times not so much since the entire working week is stretching before me !

Sounds like you had grand plans for your Monday . I hope you got it all done (or at least close to it )

Karen said...

What a lovely photo & a nice way to start the week! :)

Q said...

my hands are up for not liking Mondays but glad you feel all inspired :D

I remember I would go into a cleaning and tidying frenzy when I needed to study or do something else I considered unpleasant, now it's been 3 months since I moved and I've added a new hobby so storage and workspace in my 'craft' room is not only limited but probably needs a going over to.

Let us know how the week went!