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Friday, 30 March 2012

I mended...

It's not as exciting as "I sewed", but all I have done this week in the sewing department is a little mending. There has been box unpacking and furniture rearranging and sorting. A lot of sorting! These photos are what I was doing last week. That was a lot more fun!

Three of my girls, Sophie and Jess with her youngest.
I can't remember what they were looking at, but they were having a great time doing it!

Granddaughter, all surprised that I caught her!


Lotti said...

Isn't she a cutie. Just gorgeous. Both Jess's girls are alike.

Shay said...

I suppose technically mending still counts as sewing (but it usually isn't nearly as much fun )

Your grand daughter is utterly gorgeous. Love that shocked look on her face!

Lorraine said...

lovely pics of the girls! Mending....hmmmmm......don't know that I have done any of that lately....although I will be going back to work on Tuesday.....and that will help to start "mending" my bank account after my holiday shopping LOL

Ashleigh said...

Mending does make you feel good, getting continued wear out of something others may have thrown out!! Such a precious little bundle that one!

Jantine said...

Sounds like a very sensible way to spend your days, much more important then sewing... though a little sewing time every now and then might improve your mood ;-) even more!