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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday Baking

Minnie Mouse muffin cases
choc walnut muffins
lemon and poppy seed muffins
 Remember Saturday night? Remember how exciting it used to be? This is what my Bradley and I did with our Saturday night. I made muffins. He made jelly with fruit in it. Delicious, but not exactly exciting!


Lotti said...

Love all your baking .... yummo .... love the little/square (can't tell from the photo) muffins too .... Yummy. Doesn't matter that it wasn't exactly exciting at least you were doing something together and that's nice.

Shay said...

My Saturday nights usually entail something like this too. I like the pressure of not having to go out anywhere now that I'm middle aged.

It all looks yum!