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Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm sewing! (By stealth)

Even a few days ago I never thought I would get here, but today I am sewing. (I must admit to mending last night. Something that needs to be done from time to time and which involves using a sewing machine, but really - who actually considers it to be sewing?)

It feels great to be sewing! I am sewing by stealth today. That is because there is still a lot to do to organise the house. So, here's how sewing by stealth works.
Sew a little
Work a little
Sew a little
Work .....
You get the picture! "A little" differs depending on your day and reasons for stealth. Sometimes I work by stealth, you know, when you would rather just be sewing (every day, right?) and you slot work in between sewing. Of course today I would rather just sew, but I have a goal to get my laundry completely unpacked and organised too. (The laundry room here is much smaller than the last house so after I get the washer and the dryer in there's not much room left for my bench - try sorting and folding 6 people's clothes without one - or for storage. The shoe polish, the cleaning products, the tea towels and cloths - no room in the kitchen for that, the lightbulbs ..... the list goes on!) So I sew a little, then sort in my laundry. Eventually it all gets done and I don't get sick of any one project. Today my sewing by stealth is accompanied by Tim Gunn and a little "Project Runway". Gotta love a sewing show to inspire you!

So, back to the sewing! (Pretty sure blogging wasn't included in the model above. Wonder how I fitted it in?)


loulee said...

Good to see that sewing machine working. :-)

Jantine said...

It must have been hard to move again after just one year! I am glad you found your machine, it might be fun sewing soon too!

Lorraine said...

Wonder if I could get away with that at work? Hmmmmm probably not!

Shay said...

I sew by stealth all the time. I promise myself if I do 15 minutes of housework I can do 30 minutes of sewing., You can actually get a lot accomplished that way .

And hey - if the sewing part stretches to say a whole hour - thats even better.

Pip said...

I do exactly like Shay does, you can get a lot of sewing done that way. I agree, mending is not sewing, neither is hemming jeans, that is why the Mister has his own sewing machine :)

Amanda said...

I admit to it as well, but usually the sewing ends up being all i do lol. I am sure I need to watch Project runway but we don't have foxtel wonder if there is another way to get it.

Rose said...

I don't consider mending to be real sewing either. I always seem to do way more of that though!

You are the master mover. It sucks that you have less space now, but hopefully you'll get it all slotted in soon!

Leanne said...

Is stealth sewing done quietly. LOL I tend to just skip the cleaning.

Lotti said...

glad to hear your settling into that new house and getting the chance to do some sewing. My thing at the moment is studying and whilst I've had a week off, between study periods, it's back to the books tomorrow.