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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

And yet more blouses...

...are now finished. Five down and three to go, all of which are started and shouldn't take long to finish.

Ahh! Wrong photo! Must be blogging entirely too late tonight!

And then my sewing desk this evening right before I packed up. 

Not sure that I will finish them tomorrow though because I am off to Ikea. (Who can resist 29% off 229 products for Family Members? They are celebrating February 29!)


Lotti said...

Those blouses are just gorgeous. Lovely bright and pretty colours. You sure have been a busy lady.

Katherine said...

Wow! You've been stitching up a storm, Kris. You must know that pattern like the back of your hand to be able to cruise through the sewing at such a rate. Go, Kris, go! ;o)

Shay said...

Ikea is having a sale? Darn it all I have to go to work today. I know I could have done some significant credit card damage if given the chance.

Love those blouses!

sue niven said...

delightful blouses, Have fun at Ikea!