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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Q. How long does it take to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide?

A. It depends how many roadworks you have to drive through!

Just in case you didn't know, today was National Roadworks Day. Well, that's what Miss 19 and I dubbed it. In the end we wished we had been counting! Who knew there were that many workmen and/or trucks in Australia, let alone spread out along our journey today!

In the end though we got here safely and so did the goldfish, seen here with two admiring grandchildren.


Karen said...

Love this post! It just made me smile! Hope you're starting to get settled in (a wee bit)

Shontelle said...

I hear you Kris! I think there's actually a National Roadworks festival taking place at the moment.

Have a great weekend. We're off to Wallaroo to stay in a shack we rented on the beach. Looking forward to just staring into space - although with two little ones I doubt there'll be much of that happening. xx

quiltygal said...

Add them to all th eroadworks in Adelaide & we must have imported the workmen!! are you here for the weekend? if you are & have an hour or two free Sat we are getting together at Vals with Loz & Shay you are more than welcome.xx

Dee said...

And as you can imagine those roadworks have been going on for weeks. Its very tedious when fortnightly visits to Adelaide have been made. I guess it is worthwhile if it means seeing the grandchildren.

Leanne said...

Port Road a bit like that at the moment urrrrrrr

Joolzmac said...

In the 50km stretch between my town and the next, there are 3 road work sections! Not happy, Jan!

I guess you have some short cuts worked out by now, you seem to do the trip quite often.