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Monday, 27 February 2012

It's raining!

After a hot weekend, it's raining at my house. Our last Adelaide house (2009-2010) was on a main road. We had never lived on such a major road before, but we didn't mind it at all. In fact there were some things that I just loved about living on a main road. Well, not the carpark that it became in the morning peak hour traffic, but I really did love our main road when it rained. I love the sound of rain. Rain on the roof is such a soothing sound I think. I also love the swoosh sound of cars driving by and there's more of that swoosh sound when you live on a main road! Our new house here in Melbourne is not on a main road, but it is a busier road than the last house and I am enjoying that swoosh sound this morning as I sit in my sewing room. Rain on the roof, cars swooshing by and I'm sewing. What a life!

view from a window


Lotti said...

I wish it would rain here right now ... it's so hot and horried.

Sarah said...

I am with Lotti - some rain here would be good - things are drying to much...