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Friday, 18 November 2011

Bluebirds of happiness.

The bluebirds
 Longtime readers of my blog may remember my bluebirds of happiness. Or not. I haven't featured them for a long time. They are lights that I bought from Ikea (<3 Ikea!) and attached to some good old Patchwork Apple pipberries in my sewing room at Holden Hill. They didn't make it out of the box at the last house, but I have put them up in my lounge room today. Aren't they pretty? I feel happy just looking at them! We are starting to get our house Christmased-up ready for December. Miss 25 decided that our brown glass light fittings needed some Christmasing-up and instead of brown glass we are now looking at this...

We Christmased-up the light fitting.
Muuuuch better! As for sewing, I sewed the other footstool cover yesterday and I spent today tidying my sewing space. My desk was shoulder high in some places with "stuff". As I cleared the desk I also repaired items I found. Cushion covers, trousers, you know, all those things that a sewing desk accumulates. So now I'm am ready to sew! A lot! When I get back from my long drive this weekend that is. I'm making a flying visit to Adelaide to pick up Miss 19. Uni is over for the year and she is coming to visit us for the summer! Hooray! Catch you when I get home!


Shay said...

Drive safely . Please drop in for a drink and a natter if you have time but I'll completely understand if you dont!

Leanne said...

Drive safe.

Katherine said...

Hope you're home safe with Miss 19.

Love the dressed up light fixture - it looks very festive!