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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Women and children first!

Mr 15 has been talking about burning this ship for a long time. Last night he actually did it. (Miss 17 took the 2nd and 3rd photos) We all enjoyed the show. The spectacle. It took about 15 minutes to burn.
I have been struggling with back pain for........... well, too long actually. All the smart people I know have been saying for ages, "go get that checked!" Now even I wish that I had heeded their advice. I am in so much pain!!! This has been a very hard weekend. Nothing has been accomplished. My physio appointment is not until Tuesday, if I live that long!!! Hope your weekend was more productive than mine! Have a great week! (One of us needs to!!!)


Anonymous said...

I know where your coming from when it comes to back pain!!! When mine decides to give me a hard time I can not put into words the pain.
I know how you feel you have my sympathy!

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Oh No! I'm sorry to hear your back is hurting. I don't think there is anything worse than back pain. Be careful!!! Backs are tricky.

Jantine said...

I know, when you are in pain, every day seems a day too long. hope your fysio will be able to help you!

Pip said...

Back pain is the pits, when you have it that is all you can think about. I hope the physio can provide some relief. Get better soon.

Levin said...

i'm sorry you have back pain - it's the worst!
i'm lucky to be married to a physio so at the first sign of pain i am on the floor doing my stretches - they work a treat. take care and i hope all goes well on tuesday.

Dawn said...

Oh Kris... it is worth ggint it checked out and do something about your back... I suffered for 10 years and went to see a chiro after a friend recommended him and found I had a twisted pelvis... has taken regular visits over 7 years to rectify... it still try's to twist but is a lot better by going to a good chiro...lots of rest.. hope you feel better soon.
Love those pies...and tarts... and we missed you on Saturday..there was a spare seat!!!.Lol.
Hugs Dawn x x

Mini Baker said...

I've been there with the back pain, and i'm only 22! hope you feel better :)

Sarah said...

oh back pain - that is NOT good. Not nice either.

Have you thought of seeing an ostopath or chiropracter???

I hope this does not last much longer.

Shontelle said...

Pooh for you. Back pain is no good. But at least you have exploding ships to take your mind off it. I want to come and stay with you for a week - I could use some excitement.

Jo-Anne said...

Oh no...I hope all goes well at the doctor and you are able to get some relief! It's no fun to try and go on with all that pain. Keep us posted!

AMIT said...

Hope that you are fine now from pain.

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Leanne said...

I thought battle ships had to be scuttled at sea. LOL