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Monday, 1 March 2010

March. Autumn even.

March today. Autumn today. So glad we are heading away from summer and towards cooler weather. I have lots to do this month. Here's my March list.
  • organise cupboards
  • paper bag swap
  • pies and tarts
  • new block of the month
  • practice machine quilting
  • Miss 23's quilt
  • class at the Patchwork Apple
Hardly looks long at all! Might do them all tomorrow before lunch I think! Oh! Something I didn't put on the list, going to see Northern lights. Can't wait! Photos to come. . . . . . . .


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I like that list. My List...
make cookies and eat them all
buy more fabric to make pies and tarts because Kris won't stop talking about them and showing them to me and I'm weak and have succumbed to the peer pressure.
Do all kinds of fun stuff before March 24 when Mark has surgery because after that I'll be at his beck and call. hmmm, have I forgotten anything? did I say eat lots of cookies in preparation of 3/24? :O) How's that baby?

Pip said...

Good list, just enough to keep you occupied. Going to see Northern Lights this time is a must for me, I missed out last year. (must read my camera manual to see how to take photos at night)

Mini Baker said...

just found your blog! Can't wait to browse around.
My BF would love this... he's 24 but deep down still wishes he could play with legos. HAHA
-Mini Baker

Lorraine said...

Yikes....thanks for reminding me it is March already!!...best of all it is Autumn - bring on Winter I say! My March list is not as fun as yours! I, like Mary, am tempted by the Pies and Tarts but will satisfy my urge to buy with your progress reports! See I can show restraint!!

Cosy said...

Oh yes, please let this be Autumn! Ahh the cool mornings. And no sneaky hot spells later. Or in April!

Congratulatiosn to the whole family and Mrs 25 especially on the arrival of the tiny little one. Ahhh, new baby smell.


Carolyn :)