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Monday, 8 March 2010

Round and round the tree!

Granddaughter was blessed this weekend. We took the opportunity to get together at a nearby park. Grandson had a wonderful time! (Granddaughter just slept! She's like that.) He played chasey around a tree. My niece and nephew helped him chase Mr 9. (Notice that grandson and my niece are matching! Almost as if there had been a phone conference before they left home in an effort to co-ordinate their outfits!!! Not that anyone here ever does that!!!) Much squealing with delight and surprise and a lot of play acting on everybody's behalf. Great afternoon!


ARUNA said...

Gorgeous pics!!

joolzmac said...

Same check shirt - who knew! I thought the pics were taken on different days so I took no notice. Lol! Childrens clothes are not as important as a quality, multi-coloured stash!