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Friday, 12 March 2010


I know there are some regular readers of this blog who have been wondering just how I can afford to buy all the quilting fabric I buy. (Don't be shy, you've all had this question in your head. I can tell.) Well, since this is the confessional post, I will tell you. I don't buy my children any clothes. Well, just one outfit per child and the rest of the money I should spend on clothes goes straight to my fabric purchasing account. Those of you who are observant will have noticed this for yourselves. If you doubt the truth of this, just scan my last few posts. Look out for Mr 9. He is wearing the same outfit in every single post!!! I discovered this last night as grandson and I lay on my bed reading my blog. (Grandson is one of my blog's biggest fans. He loves looking at photos of himself, his sister, and his aunts and uncles.) I called Mr 9 in to show him and he said, "Yeah, of course! It's my favourite!" Okay, so he does have more than one outfit. I just wish he didn't, cause he never wears the others!!! More confessions follow.
  • I am quilting grandson's quilt (see photo above). I have been working on this quilt for more than two years. His newborn sister already has her quilt. He is still waiting.
  • I often blog about "pies and tarts". This is a misnomer. At best I could blog about pies and tart because I have only finished one tart, and that was quite recently. Here it is appliqued to the quilt. Mostly when I talk about "pies and tarts" I just mean pies.
Okay, enough confessing for today! I'm off to work on my pies.


Lizzie said...

Well I'm glad to see that you're not wasting all the money that you don't spend on clothes for your children (they'd only grow out of them anyway!). ;o)

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Actually I've never wondered, probably because I just buy what I want and I suppose I assume that everyone else does (or they budget for it). It's funny though, I have my favourite clothes and some are over 10 years old, so I suppose I don't really spend much on clothing. I mean you can only wear one thing at a time can't you?

Deb said...

Kris, I started readng your latest post thinking what on earth is Kris going on about and then I started laughing. It is hilarious looking back at photos cause we all have out favourite clothes. Must admit though, wouldn't it be fabulous if we all just lived in two outfits-one on , one in the wash- and did spend the rest on fabric. What a wonderful world.....
hugs Deb

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Can't wait to see more of Grandson's quilt - it is looking fabulous.

It is funny how kids always have a favourite outfit that is worn to death and other clothes that barely see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Both my boy's seem to live in one outfit,Ds2 come home from school today after sports carnival very upset because he got hair paint on his favorite t-shirt which I might add has holes and is way to small for him,and who cares that its on his school top as well????

Mary said...

Okay, 2 years on a baby quilt...baaaa, I can beat that. Lets see, Molly's baby quilt needs the border quilted and the binding finished. She will be 17 in April.
Ryan's quilt needs to be quilted and he just turned 13 and Kellie is 9 and I haven't even started her baby quilt yet. 2 years - you are an amateur! :O)

Jill said...

You don't have to justify your passion Kris, I am with you and I don't make my own clothes. Somehow manage to stretch the budget to buy that essential fabric. As long as hubby keeps justifying titanium bolts for his motor bike I think I'm pretty safe!

Levin said...

ha ha ha - i don't feed my family, i just buy fabric. only joking! actually in all seriousness, i am desperately wanting to knit a jumper and can't afford the wool :(
i think it's pretty tragic that crafting cost so much.....
what ever happened to the good old days where it was the poor man's choice???
okay - enough whining - in all seriousness, we have an extremely good life and for that i am grateful ;-)
happy sunday to you all

Leanne said...

Great post Kris, from a mother with a son who does the same thing.