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Monday, 29 March 2010

Bling, bling baltimore class

Blogger thinks you want to view this photo from this angle. Who am I to disagree. After all, I am only the person who took the photo and prepared it for uploading to blogger. If you can pick up your laptop/monitor and view it the other way I heartily recommend you do so. It just looks so "wrong" from this angle! This is the result of my journey to the Patchwork Apple on Saturday for the Bling Bling Baltimore class taught by Wendy Whellum. She taught us a version of applique called back basting. What did I think of it? In all probability it is a fairly simple method to use. I have never really done much needle turn applique so I don't have very much experience with it. You know me, I'm kind of addicted to my sewing machine. Apparently you can even do the basting bit with your machine. I may give it a try. Just another project started. Am I getting close to the guiness book of records for the most starts in a month?


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

The things Blogger does, extra lines, no lines, photos around the wrong way, very annoying sometimes.
I have to say that I prefer my sewing machine more than I like needle turn, so much quicker.

maria said...

It looks lovely whichever way you look at it. I like the variation in the green fabrics you've used.

picklesticks said...

I really like it! You're making that for me, aren't you? :P

Mary said...

I love the greens you are using in that. very pretty.

nicolette said...

Well, here I’m sitting, with my neck twisted to see the picture... LOL!

Your applique work looks wonderful! Very pretty!

Leanne said...

I am giving myself a hernia here lifting the new large computer screen on it's side but I get what you mean. I have done a class with Wendy it's an interesting why to do needle turn.