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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's December!

Isn't this the cutest paper bag? Yes! It's December and we are beginning to think about Christmas. This is our first Christmas in this house. We are planning to decorate our house with lights, but haven't quite got that far yet. This evening Mr 15, Mr 9 and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood. Turns out we live in a place where lots of people decorate their houses with lights! Still sewing Miss 17's formal dress. Just putting the skirt together at the moment. Goodnight!


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Kris,
Isn't it nice to go for a walk of an evening and look at all the pretty lights, one of the things I love about this time of year.

Lorraine said...

I love that you herald in each new month - without that I would just go on in my little world where all the months morph into one ....work has just got even busier so I am focussing on February / March now......and hoping the light I see at the end of the tunnel then isn't a train!

Bird Bath said...

yes that is one very cute bag!! I hope your first Christmas in the new house is the first of many wonderful celebrations. I like the sound of twinkly light walks...our neighbourhood is not really like that. But we did put the tree up this weekend and I'm starting to feel quite festive now.

Levin (and Emily) said...

we usually go for a drive around to look at the lights, but i like the idea of a walk. there are a few houses that participate around here - it's a beautiful way to add to the christmas spirit.
hope you enjoy this festive season.