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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

It's Christmas at our house!

Not just Christmas, but magic as well! Mr 15 has been up and down the ladder setting up our Christmas lights. I am really happy with what he has done. So now we are Christmassy inside and out. I am busy making Christmas presents (me and my sewing machine) and thinking about our Christmas celebration for 2009. I don't think it will be an entirely handmade Christmas for us this year, but it will be close! Back to the salt mines! (I mean sewing room!)


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simplestitches said...

wow, you have been busy with those lights....it looks wonderful!

Levin (and Emily) said...

your house looks so cute! we love christmas lights - but never put them up ourselves.
instead i focus on one room which has now been dubbed "the magic cave" - our lounge room is small and it is covered in christmas decorations - it's my happy place :)
goodluck with your making - enjoy the festive season

Mary said...

Your house looks great! Mr. 15 did an excellent job. I love this time of year because it gives me the excuse to go completely over the top with twinkle lights around my house. If it sits still for more than 5 minutes it needs twinkle lights!

joolzmac said...

Wow, lovely lights - well done Mr15! Journal covers are cool too.
I'm gradually getting my head around Christmas at our house. Tree (fake)goes up tonight and tree for outside (real) was delivered last night so the smell of Pinus Radiata is in the air!
Haven't been blogging because my internet speed is on 'snail' at the moment.

Cheers - Joolz

Deb said...

Khris the house looks fabulous with all of the lights on. How exciting. I have also got a list of sewing to finish but I need a good kick to get myself organised.

Lotti said...

Hey Kristin, your house looks awesome ... Ashlee and I love looking at all the houses that look like yours .... very beautiful and Mr. 15 did an awesome job. Looking forward to seeing you on boxing day. xoxo