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Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas decorating

We had my Bradley's family come for dinner last night and so Christmas has started for us! We had a good evening and even managed to visit with Bradley's brother Stuart and his family who now live in Croatia via the computer and skype. Miss 17 and Miss 23 took on the task of making our home more Christmassy. I love what they did!

Miss 17 was the garland maker. Of course, she did use some of Mr 15's 6 foot 3ness to help her get the garland set up. Miss 23 did the rest of the decorating. I absolutely love the Christmas tree wall hanging in the photo above. I received it from Maria in the Christmas in July swap this year. It is something I will use every year! I have been having a break from swaps of late, but I am still using and being affected by the swaps I have done!

Miss 17 nestled some of my Christmas birds in the garland too!

My contribution to the decorating today was this bauble cluster in our dining room. I got the idea from a "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine. You can also see my tipsy snowman on the wall that Pat sent to me last year! I still have Christmas sewing to do and Christmas day will see a parade of people for each meal, so I will be busy. We will visit with my family on Christmas eve and then will have people come by for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Christmas day. Hmm, better get off this computer and get working!


joolzmac said...

Hi Kris

Great deccies - I'm afraid mine are confined to one room where the tree is. We will decorate the pergola with lights and put up a real tree out there for the little kiddos (my great-neices and nephews) who are coming Christmas Day.

I thought I had it bad having lunch and dinner but breakfast as well ...!!!

Have a good one,


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Lovely decorations, I love the garland, it must be great to have a room feature like that where you can hang things like garlands. I'm having a fairly laid back Christmas Day, travelling so no cooking or dishes, just relaxing really.

Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful, I wish you and your family a very merry christmas and a happy new year


maria said...

It's great to see the tree I made on your wall. The rest of your decorations look great too. Happy Christmas, Maria.

Mary said...

Your decorations look fantastic. I love that garland.

Jantine said...

That must be great, having such big kids that decorate your house. It looks lovely!

Levin (and Emily) said...

It looks gorgeous - so very festive. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful christmas.

Sarah said...

Hello Kris,

I hope it is a lovely day and you get to enjoy it as well.

The children have done a lovely job.

Bird Bath said...

well you are well and truly set for celebrating!The decorations are stunning. Hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family.

quiltygal said...

Hi Kris
Lovely decorations Hope you & your family have a great Xmas ...hope to catch up next year are you going to the Hetties Patch Sunday stitching Leanne has all the details