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Friday, 4 December 2009

The Dress and a Graduation

Left to right, Miss 19, Miss 17, Mr 21 (Yep! He had a birthday this week!). This is Miss 17 in her formal dress. Graduation was immediately before formal so we all got to go to the formal venue to celebrate the end of Miss 17's high school career with her. (This photo is Miss 17 with her two siblings who have moved out this year. The kids still at home miss them so much!)

Left to right, Mr 15, Miss 17, Mr 21. Miss 17 was very nervous about graduation because she had been invited to give the valedictory speech. She did a wonderful job! Of course I would say that because she is my kid, but others said it too last night. She wrote a brilliant speech and presented it beautifully.

The back of the dress. This morning she got up and said, "Well that's it Mum. I now have nothing to live for." said tongue in cheek of course! Then we figured out that her Year 12 results are only 2 or 3 weeks away and (hopefully) University offers are just over a month away. She is all psyched up for uni now - hope she gets into the course of her dreams! Kind of makes me feel old to have child number 5 graduating from high school and being just a few month off of adulthood. Where does the time go? I'm off now to clean up my sewing desk. It looks like a bomb hit it. I am such a messy sewer!


Miss Molly said...

You said you were only going to take one photograph from my camera, LIAR!
But it does look beautiful. Thank you very much for making my dress, it made me stand out in ways the suited my personality and my dancing styles (so i was told).

Thank you again, it wouldn't have been the same without it.

Miss 17.

Lorraine said...

Congrats on graduation Miss 17...and to Mum for making the dress....she is awesome!!....and we always lie about the number of pics we take......we are Mum's we can't help but take pics of our kids ...that's how we roll!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Oh wow, that has turned out so well, I like the bodice you have done way better than the Project Runway one, good job.

Cosy said...

Congratulations Miss 17! Well done on making the speech, finishing Year 12, graduating and having such a great mum to make your dress. (I could go on!)

Good luck with the Year 12 results and uni offers. It's just going to get more and more exiciting!

Thanks for the beautiful photos Kris! I think you've got such handsome kids.

Carolyn x

Mary said...

Congratulations to Miss 17! And wow Kris! That dress looks great...and you have beautiful/handsome children. Great photos.

Leanne said...

The end of an era. Miss 17 looked fantastic you did a fine job on the dress. May I ask why Mr 21 is holding a rather large torch in the top photo?

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - that's a fabulous dress and she looked absolutely gorgeous. what does she want to do at uni?
my nephew is anxiously waiting for his results - it's a difficult time really.
your kids are gorgeous - and i love the fact that they all love each other - what a blessing :)

Lotti said...

Oh so Kristin you are different to other mothers .... I think not ... yeah I'd probably have taken more than one photo from the camera too .... I love that Molly said she couldn't have done it without you and that she loved the dress you made that suited her personality ... that's really nice.

Tammy James said...

Congratulations Miss 17 ...
Kris that dress is really lovely, you did a great job, so nice to see some real originality in what she chose and you created.

Amy said...

i love the little ribbon details on the dress! Wish i could have seen it in person!xx joe said the speech was awwwesome! :)