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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What blogs are good for.

I have often pondered why I keep a blog. (Intermittently of late!) In fact non blog keepers often ask me this question. It's a record of my achievements, a way to stay in touch with like minded souls, and hopefully a vehicle to help me remember things. So, the lesson for today is: I don't like sewing for other people. I actually discovered this truth for the first time about 24 years ago, but for some reason I forgot it. Finished this dress for a year 12 formal today - or so I thought. The year 12 concerned wants changes made. Hmm....... I am totally over it! My own year 12 is waiting patiently for me to start her formal dress, so that will be the next sewing project here.

So, if you bump into me anywhere, remind me that I don't like sewing for other people so I don't get into this situation again! I am looking forward to sewing Miss 17's dress. (When I say "other people" I don't mean my family!) I have been over at the Moda Bakeshop looking at their projects. I fell in love with this one. So, so pretty! Makes me want to rush out and buy jelly rolls, and honey buns, and layer cakes, and...... or maybe not. I kind of want to rush out and buy those things even without looking at the cute projects on Moda Bakeshop. We are expecting 43 degrees in Adelaide tomorrow. Too hot! So I will be spending the day sewing in front of the air conditioner!!!


maria said...

I've had the same thoughts about blogging. Although I enjoy it it's hard to explain to non blog people why. I've not told any of my friends about my blog! I'm not interested in other types of blogs though, just the sewing based ones.
I also know what you mean about not liking sewing for other people. You must be annoyed that the yound lady wants changes to the dress. Good luck!

Mary said...

I like the dress, it's very pretty. I can't imagine what she could want to change...I think I would be telling her to change whatever she wants - herself! :O)

Tammy James said...

I want to run out and buy all of those goodies too Kris! I had to quickly close that link, my brain is already bursting with Christmas craft.
I hope there's not too much more stress with the dress and you get to start DD's dress soon.
Blogging, is a way for me to communicate with people who understand what I am saying ... LOL and of course many other things too.
I feel for you, really, really with 43 deg I am dreading our days of 37 starting today ...

Lizzie said...

Know exactly what you mean about sewing for 'others', it's such a pain and just not worth it! I bought some fabric to make the self same table runner on Tuesday but I bought fat quarters from my LQS so will change it slightly. It's just gorgeous.

Sarah said...

sending lots of coolness up your way... well it is cooler than you at least!

YOu are so good doing sewing for others - but I know what you mean!

Lorraine said...

I was over visiting the Moda Bake Shop the other day (the only bake shop I am visiting since starting my "weight management plan" (aka diet!) a few weeks ago....and I LOVE this project.....wonder if I can fit it in to my stitching schedule before Christmas...LOLOL...and btw.....don't sew for other people....!! what does she want to change? I am with Mary...suggest that she may make any changes she likes....all by herself....looking forward to seeing the next dress...oh...how is the handmade Christmas idea progressing?

Leanne said...

OK I have put that to memory when I see you next I will remind you. LOL What am I talking about I can't remember what I had for breakfast. What changes could she possibly want the dress looks lovely.

Cosy said...

You are very good and patient to put up with your "client's" design changes. Mmmm, I have the same feeling about sewing for other people.

I'm sure your Year 12 will love what her kind mum will sew for her.

I often do the 'why do I have a blog again?' discussion with myself. But then I look back through some posts and realise that it's really just for me and a way of recording. And connecting with like-minded people too, which is probably one of the fun things.

Stay cool! It's so much better today, isn't it!? I'm not ready for six months of summer!

Carolyn x

Levin (and Emily) said...

the dress looks beautiful to me.
isn't the cooler weather wonderful.

louise said...

The peacock blue material of the dress is just lovely. x