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Friday, 27 November 2009

The Christmas Shop

Went to the Christmas shop this week and discovered Christmas birds everywhere! At the moment they are perched on and around my sewing desk. I will be sad to see them go when they migrate to the Christmas tree next week. Can't wait to see them perched on our tree!


Lotti said...

That bird is so pretty, I'd like one of those on my tree. xoxo

Lorraine said...

OMGoodness!! This is getting really spooky...can you believe I went to one of my fave stores in Tanunda yesterday in my lunch break and found these little birds and bought two of them back to the office for my office tree...exactly the same...little red birds with lovely sparkly sequins and glitter (doesn't every bird have those?)....are you sure we aren't related?????

Bird Bath said...

I love those glittery birds - have seen them at the newsagent and have been tempted to add them to our collection of christmas ornaments. I think they also make a nice gift to give to the kid's school teachers at the end of the year....maybe I should have a peep into the christmas shop, is that the one near Henly Beach Rd?