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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Still here

Gallery we spied when in Melbourne in May. I loved the name of the gallery. Artists here really were trying to be famous because there was a gun shop next door.

Still here, just not much happening on the creative front. Still getting organised. (Is organisation something I can reasonably expect to happen in this lifetime? Seems not!) It's school holidays here and I am enjoying having everyone home. Mrs 24, her bloke, and grandson are off on holidays with bloke's family. Grandson is having a lovely time with his four cousins! Mr 20 and Miss 19 decided not to move with us to the new house, so we are missing them a lot. I cut Miss 17 and Mr 15's hair tonight (A creative pursuit I guess!) and I made a tablecloth today to put in my new dining room. Oh! And it's July! Time does fly when you're having fun!!! I hope to get a little closer to the sewing machine later this week!


Tammy James said...

I can empathise and am hoping to get closer to my machine in the next couple of day too : ) I hope the settling in is happening for you. Being from a big family myself I understand how having the older two not around would change things. Take care

Maree said...

I hope you do Kris....having 2 leave the nest at once is a bit dauting....but it's not all empty just yet...

joolzmac said...

Hi Kris,

I know how you feel. I started a new cross stitch but have only sat at it once since last Saturday. Too tired at night and working during the day. Pfft!


Lorraine said...

Organised...what's that...is that like "normal"....I am in awe that you cut the kid's hair....I wouldn't even contemplate that...not that my kids would let me anywhere near their hair with scissors!! Yes...it is July and almost a third of the way thru already!! I am looking forward to an extended weekend where I wont get into my sewing room but will spend two days in a quilt shop - which will be dangerous....!!

Lotti said...

So good to see a post here. I have been missing your posts. Sounds like you are having a really busy time at the moment. Organised....hmmmm .... well I doubt that will ever happen for me, so don't worry Kris you are in an elite group with mwah.