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Saturday, 11 July 2009


There's an interesting pseudo open space or park near our new house. Miss 23 affectionately dubbed it "the sinkhole" which has stuck. The kids love to go down to the sinkhole and chuck a ball around. Except if it's raining. When it rains the sinkhole becomes the drain that it was always intended to be. It becomes wet. And muddy.

If it keeps raining though (we had a glorious day of rain yesterday) the sinkhole becomes more than just muddy. It becomes a pond. And ducks appear. (How do they do that? Do they just live nearby pondless and then get all excited when it rains and they pass the sinkhole pond on their way to the shop and decide to go for a dip instead?) We have only been here for a month and I have noticed the ducks about four times. I guess it's been a wet month! After I spied the ducks the first time I knew I had to get a photo to record this phenomenon.

So today on our way to the library to get new library cards ( we moved to the other side of town and have a new library!) I made Bradley stop the car so I could take some photos. Two birds with one stone! Ducks recorded for posterity and new library cards. It has been a good day.


Lotti said...

I think that's cute .... made me laugh to think of the ducks going by the sinkhole and just saying "oh, let's not go shopping now, let's go swimming instead" ....LOL It's like that on Golden grove road where they have the wetland area near milne road..... when it's been raining, no matter how cold it is, there are heaps of ducks out there. Wonder where they go in the interim??

Jenny said...

Those ducks are clever critters and always seem to find just the right spot! Aren't we lucky to have had such a lot of lovely rain. Enjoy your new library

Suzanne said...

My parents had a sinkhole across from one of their California homes. I think the ducks found that one too. Maybe they have a whole duck network where they pass on info...kind of like how quilters pass on shop and meeting info.

Anne said...

Ah - ducks and libraries, what more could you want? :0)

Maria Rose said...

I have noticed that about ducks too, any big puddle and they suddenly appear.