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Friday, 10 July 2009

Mending - almost sewing!

In the time honoured tradition of this blog I am posting another blurry photo! This is some of what I got up to on my sewing desk today. Mending. (Eight year old boys provide plenty of scope for this particular branch of sewing!) It's almost sewing. I did actually do some quilting after I finished the mending, but that's all secret squirrel stuff so no showing of that here yet! Tomorrow is going to be another sewing day. Yay!
Oh! And happy birthday Mrs 24! Ooops, I mean Mrs 25! Hope you had fun!


Lorraine said...

oh that reminds me....I have a pair of trousers on my sewing table that have been there for a couple of weeks now....and my boy is 24!!

Jenny said...

Hope you got all your mending done-perfect weather for it. Happy birthday to your daughter