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Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter at the Zoo!

We went to the Adelaide Zoo today for a picnic and to see some of our favourite animals. We have zoo membership which gives us free entry to the zoo for a year. Our zoo is beautiful and a really lovely place to picnic! We met up with Mrs 24, grandson and his Dad.

We had sandwiches and banana and gingerbread cake. (Sounds weird, but is delicious!) We all enjoyed lunch immensely because every snaplock bag had a message written by Miss 16 on it. Like......... egg and lettuce eewwwwww ............. delicious PB & J because I made it AND I didn't spit in it ................ Mum's eewwwwww. (Hey, mine was just corned beef and mustard pickle, it's not hard to get an eewwwwww rating from Miss 16!)

So we ate, we looked at some animals, and then we went home. All in all a pretty fun day. Hope you are all having as lovely an easter as I am having!


Jo-Anne said...

The "eeewwwww" word is famous at our house as well. I love the picture of your daughter with the cell phone in her hand. My daughter never lets her phone go, either...somedays that thing is just a buzzing away that I think it could very well explode right in her hot little hand! :]
It sounds like you all had a fun day....the weather looks like it was wonderful!

Leanne said...

Looks like a great day the weather has been fantastic. We are of to the botanic gardens for a picnic tomorrow. Have a safe and happy Easter.

Mary said...

Happy Easter!

Jantine said...

What a daughter... at least you wouldn't forget her ;-) Enjoy the sunny weather as I think autumn is around the corner for you?

louise said...

The weather looked fabulous for your day out. What a lovely thing to do over Easter to meet your family at the zoo, and must have been great fun too. x