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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Redwork Christmas Block-of-the-month Month 2

Finished it! I think my last post confused everyone because the title was "easter stitching" and my redwork was quite clearly a christmas scene! Ooops! This is block 2 of my block-of-the-month that Bradley bought me for my birthday. I love getting a package each month with all I need to make a block. This one is a Rosalie Quinlan design and is 9 months long. (Sounds a little like pregnancy!) I already have month 3. I was a little behind, but hope to catch up this month. Happy stitching! (Be it easter or christmas!)


Mary said...

I like to do block of the month things too. Quilts are always fun to do this way, too.

Lotti said...

Love it .....really really nice!!