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Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy birthday Mr 14 (Or happy "insideout pants day")

Mr 14 is the new Mr 15 today. He is number 6 in my family and one of the nicest teenaged boys on the planet. (Do all parents think their kids are the best? I know it's kind of nausiating, but mine really are!) He is a dedicated grandson lover and spends as much time with him as he can. This has completely paid off because grandson loves him passionately. Grandson is nearly 10 months old and is doing the "mummy, mummy" thing at the moment. Can't bear to be separated from his Mum (exactly what he should be up to of course!) even when he is in the same room as she is! Except for his Dad (of course) and Mr 15.

Here he is with a couple of sisters. (The guy has an excess of sisters. There are five of them!) They all like him and like to hang out with him. (Hey! You gotta be doing something right if your sisters like you!) When he was young he nominated his birthday as "insideout pants day". It has become a tradition at our house that everyone looks forward to. In fact, mostly everyone here has their pants (trousers) on insideout today! He is a gentle giant and has always been. He was a huge 11lbs 13oz when he was born. When I was 37 weeks pregnant he was transverse. (Lying horizontally in the womb rather than vertically) This was quite strange and I could feel his head and his bottom in my sides. He seemed big to me. I thought, if this was a newborn lying on my stomach, he would be long! The 38 week mark was d-day. Transverse babies are at risk of cord prolapse (very bad!) if your waters break or you go into labour so generally they are born early by c-section. My doctor let me go home at 37 weeks if I promised to stay close to home and the hospital incase anything happened, but at 38 weeks I had to be admitted for a c-section. I was very nervous about having an operation and clung to the hope that he might turn around. We prayed that he would turn of his own accord and the night before my checkup I was woken in the middle of the night by incredible pressure in my abdomen. It was seriously strange and I had to get out of bed and squat on the floor to get any kind of relief. Of course, I woke Bradley up. (Afterall, it was his baby too!) and spent half an hour squatting, swaying and crying. Eventually, the pressure disappeared and the baby was moving and hiccupping away happily so I thought it was all good. When I went in to see my doctor he chastised me because I didn't have my overnight bag with me (it was in the car) and explained that I would be admitted that day. I told him that the baby had turned and he didn't believe me. Of course, he had turned (head down) and I was able to go home and wait for the natural delivery in two weeks time. At which time Mr 15 was 5.4kg and 60cm (24") long. I know I was blessed beause he turned around and despite being such a big baby I was able to give birth naturally without any help and without any stitches. Eeewwwwwww! (Sorry, just thought the conversation called for an eeewwwwwww at this point!) So, in a nutshell, he was big (although not chubby!), I had no problems, and he's a great 15 year old now. Phew! Finally!

Oh look, another photo of Mr 15 and grandson together! This little boy is lovely too. Chubby, but lovely. He was an ordinary sized baby when Mrs 24 pushed him out, but once he started breastfeeding he just grew and grew and grew. He has had lots of tests done and the doctors don't know why he is like this. But he is. I think that he is the luckiest little boy in the world because he came to the best Mummy possible for him. He can't wear ordinary clothes, so everything he wears is designed and made by his Mum. (She is awesome! I know I couldn't have designed clothes like she does when I was 24!) She is working on some warmer clothes for him at the moment and doing a great job. Okay, almost finished the nausiating appraisal of my wonderful children! They are great, all of them! And they are always doing amazing things. (Like getting great report cards and winning awards, and being kind to each other and thoughtful to those around them.) I love being their mother!


Lurline said...

Happy Birthday, Mr 15! Hey, Kris - we can never love them TOO much!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jantine said...

Happy Birthday to MR 15! And of course it is allowed to be proud. I enjoyed reading your story. And I did see grandson being chubby and wondered about it. I am glad nothing seems wrong and you better just keep thinking that ones he starts running around his forms will change. Lucky for him his mother is such a good seamstress! He looks terrific

Leahdis said...

Your family seems lovely, looks like youve done a wonderfull job bring up youe eight! kids. Your grandson is the same age as my yongest, whos just saying dada. He's a cutie, I love 'em cubby!

Apple said...

I just wandered across your blog. What a cute little chunka babe!! Mrs. 24 must make straight cream :-D

And I am thrilled to read about your 11lb 13oz baby :-D My daughter was frank breech until 39wks when she turned on her own...she was 11lbs 15oz (still ended up in a c/section because the lil stinker forgot to tuck her chin, forheads dont' birth easily :-D)

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. 15!

Kris, you are not alone in thinking that you have the greatest kids. That's the way we moms are supposed to feel about our kids, right? Pretty lucky kids to be so loved.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Birthday to Mr 15!! How lovely that he is so adored by his cute nephew.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh I just loved your praises and lovely words about your children. Anything said good to them only makes them feel good inside!

Well done you!

MissyMack said...

What a beautiful post Kris! That was so lovely reading that. A mum is always allowed to be proud of her brood, and it sounds like you have a wonderful brood to be proud of!
Happy Birthday to Mr 15!

Bird Bath said...

Hooray for the birthday boy...sounds like he brings joy to all those around him :)