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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Whispering Wall - Barossa Valley

This is the Whispering Wall. It's actually the concrete wall of the Barossa dam. It was built in the early 1900's. It has unique accoustic properties that allow you to whisper at one side of the dam and be heard clearly at the other side of the dam.

Some of you walk over to the other side and then down infront of the wall and whisper/listen.

And the others stay on this side, go down in front of the wall and whisper/listen.

Then those on the other side walk back along the top of the wall. It's kind of an Adelaide tradition. We love to take tourists there and watch them be amazed at how brilliantly the sound travels along the wall. This trip was not to watch amazed tourists, but our own amazed children. We were chatting about the whispering wall and Miss 11 and Mr 8 didn't know what we were talking about, so we had to take them and watch them be amazed. I'm pretty sure they have been there before, but it was a long time ago and they didn't remember it. They were appropriately amazed, and then we were amazed on the way home. We drove through Kersbrook and decided to take the One Tree Hill road home and drove past a roadside cherry stand. Yum! We stopped and bought some of the largest, most delicious cherries we have ever eaten. (We took a vote in the car). Miss 16 was feeling very car sick and managed to eat many cherries before we got home. (Eating is the only thing that helps her car sickness!) All in all a very successful trip - amazing and delicious! (If you want to get some of those delicious cherries you will have to wait till later in the year. The roadside stall is open in November and December - we were there on their last day.)


Mary said...

that sounds very cool! Isn't it fun to be a tourist in your own area? I always feel that way when we go to Washington, DC (about an hour drive for us).

picklesticks said...

I am sad to have missed out on the cherries. I will have to remember to go there later this year.

Levin (and Emily) said...

We've been there! isn't it great - we haven't been for a long time and i'm thinking we should go again soon.
david's parents live in the barossa so we are often up that way.
the cherries sound great - there's nothing better than fresh fruit.

Lurline said...

Fascinating story, thanks for that!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Lotti said...

I know I've been to the Whispering Wall some time ago......but can't remember going. I only know I've been there because others have said that I have. The cherries sound awesome....and very yummy!!! I'll have to go there next year. I have just come in contact with someone who has a cherry farm on their property and they told me that next year I can have cherries from their tree.....I can't wait!! I've already had fresh zucchini and fresh eggs from them. There is nothing like fresh produce.

Bird Bath said...

That wall is amazing...but a far drive to get there - so it would have been nice to find some cherries on the way too.

Kate said...

That is so cool!

Jo in TAS said...

I visited this place before xmas, it's amazing, I came back raving to all my engineering buddies about it!!
I had a lovely time in the Barossa.