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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I think I have writer's block. I have started and deleted four posts in the last week! That's unusual for me. I'm kind of having sewer's block too. And reader's block as well. I think it has something to do with my current activities. We are busy changing rooms. I read a blog post (written by a mother of many children) last year that stated "My house is like a game of Tetris" and I so got it! Our house is like a game of tetris too! When your house is too small you rearrange everything in the hope that if it is different it will work better. Of course, it doesn't but you have to move things around or go crazy, so you move things around. (Crazy has such a bad reputation most people will do anything to avoid it!) So at the moment we are changing three bedrooms around (As you do) so any moment now I will be living in the perfect house! (I have to say that so I will have the strength and resolve to go on!) Can't wait till we're done and life can get back to normal!


Sarah said...

Hey Kriss,

We all have these moments. I am having a scrap booking block and it has been lasting way to long. I think so I can get on with some of my quilting.

I understand about moving things in a small house. We have a 1910 cottage and we have moved rooms many times. I think we are getting close to getting it real right. Just dont have any permanent space for the clothes for us now - ARGHHHHHHH.

Lorraine said...

hope that changing rooms makes a difference to the size of your house....LOL.....what else do you do when you have writer/reader/stitching block!! I am just happy my room is still there when I fall into bed at night...! .....and that someone hasn't moved it while i have been at work! Hope you are back to "normal" soon...when you find out what "normal" is let me know..LOL

Lotti said...

Hey writer's block....I get that....I have been trying for the past 3 days to finish a post to put on my blog and do you think I am having success.....not likely. Hopefully I will get mine finished by tomorrow....but who knows.

Julie said...

It is summer time there, put some tents up in the yard. LOL. I know, I know, not helpful.
I hope your rearranging works.

Rest is not idleness said...

I've been doing the same, have about three posts in draft, and my other posts have been very brief, never mind, my family can see what I've been up to so I guess that's something. Nice gum blossom by the way, a lovely intense red.
take care

Suzanne said...

I rearrange my house a few times a year, and I don't have all the wonderful children you do...I just get bored and want something new!

Leanne said...

I hope your house is all sorted soon and the block is unblocked. I have a plumber here I could send him your way he is used to unblocking LOL. Love the flowering gums.

amberwoods said...

I think we should all live in a Tardis! Dr Who had the right idea. Having stayed in Cooper Pedy, they have the right idea too -if you need another room, you just dig one out!
My way of beating a too-small house was to have a huge chuck out. I gave away just about everything that couldn't run out of my way! I know you'll feel good when things are organised again - until the next time! :)Lise

Bird Bath said...

oh we have just finished rearranging bedrooms....finally the youngest is in her own room - but it sure took a long time.
hopefully you can enjoy the results of your rearranging in the near future. sometimes it's enough just to utilise the rooms in a different way to get a benefit.

Jenny said...

Hope you are all rearranged and unblocked and enjoying the new way things are in your house-lovely lovely tree.

Life's little stuff said...

Hi Kris
Just catching up with all the happenings at your place.
I love rearranging. Its my version of a cheap holiday. ( okay I love it when it's done LOL)
Oh and pass on my 'Well done" to the Uni students to be.
Love and Huggs Tina

Katherine said...

You had me laughing when you said your house is like a game of Tetris. I do the same thing. No matter what size the house. I think it's a gene I inherited from my mom. LOL
Good luck with your rearranging!

Kate said...

I know the feeling - we have a small house too and it is so full of stuff - we are always changing things around.