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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My PIF from Loz arrived

Okay! Let's get this out of the way first! It's HOT today! 41 degrees celcius as I type this (nearly 6pm!) I'm sure you will read this on every South Australian blog post today! Or maybe just the whingey ones! Now, down to business.

Some time ago (can you tell I can't be bothered to look this up) I signed up for a "Pay It Forward" on Loz's blog. Well, today it arrived! My kids were so excited! They are such good value for money. There was a festive atmosphere as I opened it. I slid the calico bag out of the post bag and got very excited. It says "Angas Park" on the front and I know that Loz lives in the Barossa Valley near the dried fruit factory. Could it be that she sent me some Angas Park goodies?

Yes! And a gorgeous tin sporting cherries. It's very cute and I am mulling over in my mind what I will put in it. First I thought something to do with sewing, but I'm thinking now I might put some little essential in it and put it in my handbag so I can look at it all the time.

And this is the PIF itself! A covered book (A visual diary - perfect for me! Actually, I was just saying yesterday afternoon that I needed a visual diary to carry around in my bag and then this arrived!) and a really cool mesh bag. Now, I know it's a "really cool mesh bag" because Miss 22 told me it is. In fact, she is still holding it and extolling it's virtues. I think she likes it!

See! A visual diary. Blogger thinks it goes this way up for some reason! Thank you Loz. I feel very lucky. And the arrival of my PIF prompts me to send mine to my 3 recipients. Watch this space!
Oh! And a heads up. I am approaching my 300th post and in the tradition of my 200th post I will be having a giveaway. This time I'm hoping to be organised enough to actually have the giveaway on my 300th post. Stay tuned!


Lorraine said...

Glad you like it! Had fun putting it all together....I could spend a long time in the Angas Park shop and can never decide on what to get....so many wonderful goodies...!....Can't complain about the Aus Post service...not even 24 hours!

Rest is not idleness said...

lovely lovely goodies, I just love that Angas Park dried fruit.
Oh yes I think every blog in SA mentioned the temperature, it was a great excuse to do very little.
take care

Lucky-1 said...

Yes it got to 42 here in Adelaide... lots of blogs are saying how hot it was or still is today.

Stay cool and enjoy your goodies:D

Sarah said...

Wow and yum. Lovley goodies there! I don't have any cooler weather from Tassie to send to you : (

Stina said...

Ohhh...so much goodness in that bag...!!! I could send you some nice winter weather... how about -15 C...lol...

Jenny said...

It sure was a crazy hot day yesterday but it was the wind that finally tipped me over the edge!!Not quite as bad today thank goodness-probably a sign of things to come-it seems to be always so hot when the kids go back to school. Lucky duck you with all those goodies!

Jantine said...

You are a lucky receiver! Such beautiful presents!
Imagine, it has been between zero here the past few weeks, I can hardly imagine it being so hot! It is about 4 degrees here and that feels kind of warm compared to last week ;-).

Katherine said...

Fabulous PIF gift, Kris!

Whew. Hard to imagine such hot temps. What do you do to keep cool? We finally got up to above zero here (thanks to the first Chinook of this winter) and we thought it was suddenly quite lovely out. LOL

Leanne said...

Lucky you a gift from Loz and Angus Park fruit.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your PIF goodies! The mesh pouch is so sweet - love the printed ribon/tape on it! Well done to Miss 22 in getting into the course of her dreams.